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Many homeowners have a heat pump as their HVAC solution. Like any kind of HVAC system, heat pumps require regular servicing and repairs. If you need heating services in Rockville Centre, NY, Pride Services should be your first choice. We can address all your heating needs.

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What Is A Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a type of heating and cooling system for residential and commercial properties. Heat pumps are different from air conditioners in that they can produce both heat and cold. Heat pumps may be used year-round, and they do not burn fossil fuels as furnaces do.

Strictly speaking, heat pumps do not create heat. Rather, they redistribute the heat that is already there. In the summer, a heat pump channels heat out of your home. During the winter, it channels heat into your home from the outdoors.

The two most common kinds of heat pumps are ground-source and air-source models. Ground-source pumps channel heat from the ground while air-source pumps draw in heat from the ambient atmosphere. Ground-source pumps are more expensive to install but are less costly to operate.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps work based on the physical principle that heat will diffuse from high-heat areas to low-heat areas. Heat pumps take advantage of this fact to intentionally guide heat to colder environments.

Heat pumps have an expansion coil and a condenser coil. As the liquid refrigerant passes through the expansion valve, it absorbs heat from the air and evaporates into a gas. The gas is pressurized, and the resulting mixture passes to the condenser coils.

Next, a fan pushes air over the coils to transfer heat from the refrigerant. As the mixture cools, it condenses into a liquid and moves back to the expansion coil to start the cycle again.

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How Often Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

Most heat pumps require regular servicing at least once a year. Periodic maintenance will keep your heat pump in optimal working condition for longer. If you are looking for heat pump services in Rockville Centre, NY, then let Pride Services satisfy all your heating needs.

Keep in mind, however, your heat pump will eventually need replacement. Experts recommend replacing your heat pump once every 10 to 15 years. You can extend the lifespan of your heat pump by performing regular maintenance and repairs.

Additionally, a new installation could save you more in the long run. A high-efficiency ENERGY STAR-certified model can save you 20% or more on heating and cooling costs. If your heat pump is nearing the 10-year mark, a complete replacement might be the more economical choice.

Heat Pump Repair Rockville Centre, NY

The experienced team at Pride Services can repair any residential or commercial plumbing and heating problems. When you hire Pride Services, you can rest assured of the results of our heat pump services. Contact us or call us at (516) 591-3807 to learn more about heating or schedule an appointment and estimate!

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