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Plumbing and heating maintenance is extremely important to avoid large scale, costly repairs. A Healthy Home Annual Checkup is a service provided once a year to ensure that your plumbing and heating systems are operating as smoothly as possible.

An experienced technician will come to your home and do a thorough review of your system to check for proper operation. If any problems are identified, or maintenance needs to be provided during your Healthy Home Annual Checkup, you will receive a 15% discount on services performed or scheduled that day.

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Plumbing Checklist:

  • Water Supply Lines by testing all shut-off valves
  • Visible Pipes & Joints for signs of corrosion
  • Drains in your sinks, tubs, and showers for slow drain, gurgling, or blockages
  • Garbage Disposals for any signs of leaks
  • Refrigerator Water Supply for proper connection
  • Faucet Aerators and Shower Heads for clogs and debris
  • Toilets by removing tank lids and examining for signsof damage, also ensuring toilets are secure and that they flush properly
  • Washing Machine Hoses for cracks or brittleness, ensuring connections are secure and surrounding walls and floors are dry
  • Water Pressure by using a gauge. High pressure can damage valves and fixtures.
  • Water Heater by flushing it out, checking temperature and pressure relief valve (tank style only)
  • Main Water Shut-off and Sewer Clean Out by marking locations and evaluating operation

This annual membership plan is brought to you by the experts at Pride Services. Enjoy exclusive benefits and savings, while setting your home up for success all throughout the year.

Big Savings

Our regular dispatch fee will be waived & you will receive 10% off your services.

Annual Checkup

We’ll perform a thorough review of your plumbing & heating systems to ensure proper operation.

Extended Warranty

Any repairs done under The Lion Club membership will carry a 2-year warranty.

Fast Scheduling

Become a priority customer and jump to the front of the line to receive the next available appointment.

Heating Checklist:

  • Boiler Piping and Accessories for proper operation by inspecting your expansion tank, back flow valve, safety relief valve, circulators, flow checks and/or zone valves, and low water cut off.
  • System Wiring for loose or broken wires, and testing electrical relays for proper operation.
  • Piping
  • Main Burner
  • Exhaust Vent System for loose joints, sags in horizontal runs, corrosion or other deterioration, broken or loose supports and blockages.
  • Air Intake Vent System by cleaning intake air filter and checking system for disconnected or loose joints, sags in horizontal runs, corrosion or other deterioration, broken or loose supports and blockages
  • Thermostats for proper operation

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