How Do You Know if Your Boiler is Broken?

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A broken boiler can create severe problems in not much time. It’s crucial to determine if your boiler is broken so you can get the proper repairs promptly. So how do you know if your boiler is broken?

At Pride Services, we understand the inconveniences of a broken boiler in Rockville Centre, NY and the anxiety of not knowing how to fix it. Our team is well-versed in repairing boilers to an excellent condition.

Keep reading to learn how to tell if your boiler is broken, and don’t wait to schedule an appointment for heating repair in Rockville Centre — contact professional boiler repair technicians as soon as you notice any of the signs below!

Signs of a Broken Boiler

Symptoms of a broken boiler can range in severity, from the occasional unusual noise to significant leaks. While some boiler problems are an easy fix, others leave considerable damage. Our Rockville Centre heating and plumbing professionals can accurately diagnose and resolve your boiler’s issues.

In the meantime, these signs will help you determine whether your boiler needs a repair or a replacement.

1) You Have an Old Boiler

An old boiler is especially prone to breaking due to years of hard use and repairs. Wear and tear are unavoidable. With regular heating maintenance, a boiler can last up to 15 years with minimal repairs.

At some point, an old boiler is no longer an efficient option for heating your home. If your boiler is old and breaks down frequently, a replacement may be the more cost-effective option. Our boiler repair technicians can determine the best course of action.

2) Your Boiler is Leaking Water

A leaky boiler can wreak havoc on your home, causing harmful mold growth and leaving a mess for you to clean. Leaking boilers also increase energy consumption and have a high risk of exploding, making it crucial to schedule repairs immediately to save money and minimize property damage. 

Leaks can arise from:

  • Improper boiler pressure
  • Weak pump seals
  • Heat exchanger malfunctions
  • Temperature and pressure valve problems
  • Corrosion

Wear and tear cause your boiler structural damage, while corrosive water in the unit amplifies the problem. Cracks in the metal, corroded seals, and incorrectly installed elements can create enough damage for water to seep through tiny openings.

3) You Detect a Foul Odor

A strange or foul smell coming from your boiler is a prime indicator that your unit needs repairs. A sulfuric odor may indicate a gas or oil leak, while mildew and mold have distinct scents. Burning smells can also occur when overheating. 

While they may seem like nothing initially, foul odors can signify a much more severe problem. Improperly burning fuel creates a foul odor, whereas dangerous carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Despite the hidden nature of carbon monoxide poisoning, a bad smell can still indicate high toxicity risks as improper burning creates carbon monoxide.

4) Your Boiler Doesn’t Heat Your Home Properly

Floor heat or hot water boilers can adequately heat your floorboards and other areas, but a broken boiler will not adequately heat your home. An improperly operating unit may heat your home unevenly or not at all.

These issues are common with bacteria buildups in your boiler’s components or electrical problems elsewhere in the system. If your boiler isn’t running, our heating experts can identify the underlying issues.

5) Your Boiler Heats Your Home Slowly

In addition to improper heating, a broken boiler may also heat your home slowly. Your boiler should begin heating your home soon after turning up the thermostat. However, delayed heating indicates issues with your boiler’s power or obstructions in the pipes.

Your boiler may also be too small for your home if it heats slowly. An improperly sized boiler will continuously cycle, potentially overheating from the prolonged operation. In this case, you’ll need a replacement.

6) Your Boiler Makes Strange Noises

Although you might not notice them at first, unusual sounds from your boiler are a nerve-wracking and inconvenient problem indicative of future issues. Your boiler may hum slightly during regular operation, but one of the first symptoms of boiler problems are loud sounds such as:

  • Banging
  • Rumbling
  • Kettling
  • Whirring

Your boiler’s moving components create unfamiliar noises as they degrade. Banging and rumbling sounds are expected with a malfunctioning thermostat, while whistling is an incredibly obnoxious indicator of bacteria and mineral buildup inside the tank. Noises can indicate anything from pump problems to blocked pipes.

7) You Notice Power Issues

Power issues can be severe when you need to stay warm. Boilers utilize fossil fuels and electricity to heat your home, but power problems may still arise if your unit isn’t in the best condition. A hot water boiler that shuts off and on continuously, doesn’t power on when directed, or runs constantly will need repairs.

Get Expert Boiler Repair in Rockville Centre & Nassau County

At Pride Services, we understand the urgency of a broken boiler, especially when cold temperatures arise. The many potential problems a boiler faces require a thorough inspection to ensure successful repair. Our technicians are experts at repairing faulty boilers and can replace your unit if necessary!

A gas-safe registered engineer at Pride Services will pinpoint your boiler problems and repair your unit. Whether you’re suffering a leaky boiler or power issues, we leave no stone unturned. When you need boiler repair, look no further than Pride Services.

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