Why Does My Toilet Keep Running? Causes & Easy Fixes to Try

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A constantly running toilet is much more than an inconvenience. It indicates an important plumbing issue that can skyrocket your monthly water bills if you don’t fix it swiftly. However, identifying the problem and resolving it is often tricky, causing homeowners to ask, “Why does my toilet keep running?” That’s why Pride Services put together a few common causes of a running toilet; that way, you can fix them before they adversely affect your property. 

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Four Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Running

Figuring out why your toilet keeps running isn’t always easy since it can stem from several factors. Some run due to an inadequately-sized overflow tube, while others experience a broken flush valve that causes constant running. However, if you’ve ever asked, “Why does my toilet keep running?” one of the following issues might be why.

1. Excess Tank Water

When toilets have too much water in their tank, the excess water flows into the bowl via the overflow tube, causing it to run more frequently. The toilet’s float arm (also called the float rod or float cup) dictates the tank’s water level and allows too much water into the tank when it’s positioned too high. Lowering the float arm will diminish the tank’s water level and prevent it from running more than it needs to.

To reposition the float arm, unscrew the fill valve attached to the float arm and carefully push it down. Once it reaches an adequate position, secure the fill valve and see if it resolves the issue. If performed correctly, the tank will fill at an ideal level and prevent the toilet from running.

2. Broken Toilet Flapper

A toilet flapper is a relatively big gasket along the tank’s bottom that often attaches to the flush valve’s base. It keeps water inside the tank and releases it when you flush your toilet. When the toilet flapper breaks, it can’t keep water inside the tank, causing the toilet to run constantly.

If you need to replace your toilet’s flapper, remove the broken flapper by disconnecting it from the chain and the pins attaching it to the overflow tube. Attach the new flapper to the chain and overflow tube pins to stop the toilet from running.

Also, it’s best to shut off the toilet’s water supply and drain the tank’s water before replacing the flapper. This makes the process much easier and less frustrating.

3. An Oversized Refill Tube

Your toilet’s refill tube rests inside the overflow tube and transports water into the bowl after you flush the commode. However, if the refill tube is too big or out of position, it will create a suction effect that transports water out of the fill valve, causing the toilet to run. 

Shortening the refill tube often resolves frequent running, allowing just enough water into the tank for the toilet to operate without affecting the water inside the fill valve. Take the refill tube out of the overflow tube and cut the end piece short enough to fit the toilet. Attach the tube to the overflow tube’s side using a clip or securing device to ensure it stays in place.

This process requires precise measurements and is a bit more complex than some of the other repairs. It’s best to leave the refill tube fitting to a professional plumber to ensure the best results. 

4.  Improperly Sized Flush Valve Chain

Having a correctly sized flush valve chain is vital to prevent problems and ensure optimal operation. If the chain is too short, it can’t stop water from flowing into the bowl. Conversely, if it’s too long, it can get caught underneath the flapper and prevent it from closing. 

Replacing the flush valve chain with a properly sized model will stop your toilet from running while potentially diminishing your commode’s water usage.

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Published: Aug 10, 2023

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