7 Common Plumbing Myths Debunked

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Believing plumbing myths can lead to unsafe and damaging habits. Plumbing systems are intricate networks of pipes, drains, and appliances. Even a simple misunderstanding about the products you can flush down a toilet can wreak havoc on your pipes. 

As a trusted plumber in Long Beach, NY, Pride Services is a reliable plumbing company that strives to make lasting relationships with clients. Our plumbing experts debunk some myths Long Beach residents believe about their plumbing systems to help them avoid preventable plumbing repairs and replacements. 

Myth 1: Ice Cubes Make Garbage Disposal Blades Sharp

One of the most common plumbing myths for kitchen sinks is that garbage disposal blades will sharpen if you put ice in the drain. The problem with this is that most devices don’t have blades. Instead, they use two impellers that grind solids into a liquid by spinning. 

Running your garbage disposal with ice in the drain won’t sharpen anything. Ice may help dislodge food scraps. However, they won’t effectively clean the appliance because ice lacks a deodorizing agent.

Myth 2: Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Safe for Plumbing

You can quickly find various drain cleaners and clog removers on the market. Because there are so many options, it’s reasonable to assume chemical drain cleaners are safe. 

Unfortunately, these cleaners use harsh chemicals that can deteriorate pipes. Using other drain-clearing equipment, like drain snakes and plungers, is safer if you need to unclog a drain to remove buildups of hair, soap scum, dead skin, and other debris.

Myth 3: You Can Save Money and Conserve Water By Putting a Brick in the Toilet Tank

Putting a brick or another large, solid item inside a toilet tank is a long-standing trick to conserve water. People believe this plumbing myth because they assume the brick will cause water displacement, resulting in using less water to flush a toilet. 

The problem with bricks in toilet tanks is that they can damage the tank. The extra material inside the tank can make it harder to flush because there won’t be enough water to eliminate waste and toilet paper. Bricks can also deteriorate over time, and the broken pieces can cause additional toilet damage. 

Myth 4: You Can Flush Flushable Wipes

Though toilet wipes advertise as flushable, you should dispose of them in a garbage bin instead of your toilet. Unlike toilet paper, which easily breaks down in water, flushable wipes don’t disintegrate as quickly. The wipes can clog your plumbing even if they flush down the toilet. 

Myth 5: Grease Clogs Are Preventable Using Hot Water

One of the best ways to protect your plumbing system is knowing what not to put down the drains. Cooking grease and oil can easily accumulate inside pipes, and people attempt to override this problem by running hot water down the drain along with the grease. 

Though hot water will melt oil and grease to make it easier to go down the drain, the material will still solidify once you turn the tap off. The debris will continue building up and collect other materials like food particles.

Instead of following the myth about hot water and grease, switch to cold water. If you must put grease down the drain, run the cold water to instantly solidify the material and help it float to the city sewer. 

Myth 6: A Furnace Will Prevent Frozen Pipes

When water lines freeze, the ice formation will cause the pipe to expand, increasing the risk of a burst pipe. Plumbing myths about frozen pipes often include running the furnace to prevent frozen pipes. However, uninsulated spaces like attics and basements can still freeze because heat from the furnace won’t reach them. 

Myth 7: A Rumbling Water Heater Will Explode

A loud rumble is a legitimate concern for water heaters. However, the problem could be as simple as dirty components and sediment building inside the tank, which likely won’t lead to an explosion.

Loud noises usually don’t mean your water heater will blow up, but the appliance could break down prematurely if you don’t contact a plumber to address the issue. 

Put Your Plumbing System in the Hands of Experts

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Published: Feb 10, 2023

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