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What’s the U-Shaped Pipe Under My Sink?

Is your kitchen sink not draining properly? If so, contact our professionals at Pride Services for reliable Rockville Centre plumbing services.  If you open the cabinetry under a bathroom or kitchen sink, you’ll see exposed plumbing that connects the sink’s drain to the plumbing system behind the wall. Have you ever thought about why that … [Read More]

4 Types of Faucets for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Sinks

Everyone has a faucet in their house, but few people know how they actually work. All the faucets in your home might look the same, but they most likely work differently. It’s important to know the different types of faucets for repairs and replacement.  Oceanside’s reliable plumber is just a phone call away. Contact the team … [Read More]

Should You Turn Off Your Water Heater When on Vacation?

You probably have a list of things you do before embarking on a vacation, from packing the essentials to planning all the fun activities you’ll do once you get to your destination. Part of planning a vacation is making sure your home is safe while you’re gone, and you might also consider turning off major … [Read More]

Why Your Sump Pump Won’t Stop Running & What to Do About It

Dealing with a malfunctioning sump pump? Call our Pride Services team at 516-528-3432. Sump pumps help your basements and crawl spaces stay water-free. They’re among the most important tools in a homeowner’s arsenal. However, they should only run at certain times, such as during storms and when there’s water nearby. If your sump pump won’t stop … [Read More]

Summer Plumbing Tips: 10 Easy Ways to Prevent Plumbing Issues

When summer arrives, homeowners depend on water to keep their lawns green, fill their pools and provide them with ice-cold drinks. Plumbing problems can bring your day to a halt and have consequences that can last for years. Don’t put off professional plumbing service until it’s too late! These summer plumbing tips from Pride Plumbing … [Read More]

Spring Plumbing Tips and Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

Are you looking for spring plumbing tips? Spring is an excellent time to double check your entire plumbing system works as planned. Read ahead to discover how to check your plumbing this spring. Need some support? Reach out to Pride Service, the best provider of plumbing maintenance in Rockville Centre, NY. Check Outdoor Water Traffic Areas … [Read More]

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