Water Pressure Drops Then Comes Back: Reasons and Solutions

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Dealing with fluctuating water pressure is incredibly frustrating. It can make simple tasks like showering and washing the dishes more strenuous, inconveniencing your life to the fullest degree. However, many Rockville Centre residents don’t understand why their water pressure drops and then comes back or how to resolve the issue.

Fortunately, Pride Services is here to teach homeowners why their water pressure fluctuates so they can restore it without delay.

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Four Reasons Why Your Water Pressure Fluctuates

Water pressure fluctuates up and down for numerous reasons. Understanding these causes will help you determine the best approach to resolve the issue, allowing you to restore your water pressure swiftly and efficiently. Below are a few reasons why your water pressure drops and then comes back.

1. Leaky Faucets

Old faucets usually corrode and break down over time, causing troublesome leaks that can adversely affect your water pressure, especially if you have a multiple-story house. These leaks force the water pressure regulator to work much harder than usual, causing the pressure to fluctuate up and down. The inconsistent water pressure is often much worse in homes using private wells since the submersible pump enhances its cycle frequency due to the increased pressure demands.

If you experience fluctuating water pressure and have a leaky faucet, fix the leak or contact a professional plumber to handle the process for you. This should restore your water pressure and prevent you from wasting water.

2. Faulty or Broken Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulators, also called water pressure-reducing valves, help maintain optimal water pressure to prevent burst pipes and other plumbing issues. They keep the pressure around 60 PSI and will increase or decrease it when necessary. However, when they break down, they can’t regulate your home’s water pressure, causing it to go up and down randomly. 

Check your regulator’s pressure gauge (if it has one) if you suspect a malfunction. If the needle isn’t stable or lower than 60 PSI, it likely needs repairs.

It’s important to note that most homes with wells don’t have a water pressure regulator. Instead, wells utilize pressure tanks featuring a pump pressure switch. 

Pump pressure switches keep the water pressure between 30 to 50 or 40 to 60 PSI (depending on the model and home). If the switch doesn’t maintain one of these ranges, contact a plumber to repair the unit.

3. Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes can dramatically decrease your water pressure while causing several other issues that put your piping system at risk. Rust, debris, and sediment often build up inside pipes, creating severe clogs that hinder water flow and pressure. If you don’t unclog your pipes swiftly, the clog will worsen and could potentially burst.

It’s best to contact a professional plumber to resolve the clog and restore your water pressure. Although many stores sell DIY unclogging kits, most contain harsh chemicals that can corrode and damage your pipes. 

4. Broken Valves

Valves direct and regulate your home’s water supply and can cause inconsistent water pressure if they become damaged or corroded. They often experience leaks due to corroded threads and structural damage, requiring you to fix or replace them to restore your water pressure. 

If you believe the dip in your home’s water pressure stems from a faulty valve, examine your main shut-off valve for damage and leaks. If it seems fine, assess your stop valve and ensure it’s fully open. Partially open stop valves will severely diminish a home’s water pressure, so always keep it open to maintain optimal water pressure.

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Published: Jul 01, 2023

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