Drain Cleaning & Maintenance: Why It’s Important

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Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

Drains are essential for water removal in and around your home and are a vital part of the plumbing system, but they can get clogged easily. Clogs form from hair, soap, food, and other objects or materials going down the drain when they shouldn’t. Keeping up with drain cleaning and maintenance is especially important if you use your drains heavily or they get clogs frequently.

Assistance from a company such as Pride Services can meet your demands for clean drains throughout your home. But what’s so important about drain cleaning and maintenance? Read on to find out.

Why Is Routine Drain Cleaning Important?

A regular drain cleaning offers a host of benefits for you and your home. As far as cleaning your drain yourself goes, a yearly cleaning is enough for most household drains, but if you frequently rinse down grease and soap, they can build up quickly, which requires you to clean them more regularly or request a drain cleaning service. Let’s explore the benefits of regular drain cleaning and maintenance.

Keeps Your Plumbing System Working Effectively

A dirty drain prevents water from passing through it unobstructed. The drains in your home can easily clog with oil, food waste, and other debris, especially if you don’t keep up with regular cleanings. When one of these interconnected drains has something blocking it, your plumbing system is much less efficient, and one clog can cause a series of other clogs throughout your home.

A routine drain cleaning clears all waste from your drain so your plumbing system can work at its full potential again. Whether your children have put something in the drain that doesn’t belong, or it has a severe clog from grease, hair, or another substance, cleaning will remove the grime that reduces drainage efficiency.

Reduces Future Problems

A dirty drain leads to more problems down the road if not kept clean. If debris significantly builds up, it can lead to a clog, which can cause slow draining or something more serious such as cracked pipes and damage from leaks. The longer you go without cleaning your drain, the worse it will get, further increasing the chance of severe damage to other parts of your septic system.

When you see dirty water or sewage backing up into your bathtub or sink drain, the bacteria from the clog contaminate the immediate area, which is exceptionally inconvenient if you still need to use these facilities.

In addition to this, a clogged garage floor drain, for example, can cause extreme flooding if the water cannot drain out properly. A routine drain cleaning is essential to keep buildup from accumulating over time to prevent these potential issues from happening.

You Save Time and Money

Depending on how often you need to clean your drains, it can get costly to do it yourself, especially if you can’t solve the clog or get your drain clean enough each time. A regular drain cleaning service helps save you money by getting to the root of the problem, treating it adequately, and implementing solutions to prevent it from happening again. Scheduling a drain cleaning service means that you don’t have to clean your drain yourself and ensures that your plumbing system is in good hands.

No Foul Odors

When food particles and water can’t pass through a drain, they sit, and bacteria grow in it over time. Sludge is a result of this happening, which only further clogs your drain. Even more so, the foul odor of stagnant, dirty water spreads throughout your home if you do not solve the problem quickly.

Mildew and mold form quickly when this stagnant water leaks out of your drain or pipes, creating other odors and reducing your indoor air quality. A professional drain cleaning service can kill mold and remove all stagnant water to prevent you and your loved ones from getting respiratory illnesses from airborne contaminants.

The Importance of Regular Drain Maintenance

Drain maintenance is just as necessary as regular drain cleaning. When you keep up with drain maintenance, it takes longer for clogs to occur and prevents less buildup from forming before the next deep clean, and improves your drain’s lifespan. While you can get a regular cleaning every one to two years, you should perform maintenance cleanings once a month.

Regular maintenance entails smaller tasks, including checking and removing the hair and debris caught in your drain’s strainer. You can also perform your own maintenance cleanings with a solution of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water to loosen built-up debris in the drain and pipes.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way in keeping your drain’s lifespan long and reducing damage to your home. Being mindful about what you put down your sink, toilet, or shower drain can prevent clogs and damage from objects that otherwise do not belong in them. Avoid putting cat litter, certain types of paper, and grease down your drains as these materials clump up and cause blockages.

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Reliable Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services

When you need reliable drain cleaning in Rockville Centre, NY, Pride Services has the experience and training to remove obstructions from your drain and improve water flow through your pipes. As plumbing experts, we offer comprehensive plans for drain cleaning and maintenance. We get the job done quickly and safely and hold a high standard for serving our customers.

You don’t have to deal with a flooded basement, a bathtub full of filthy water, or the many health and safety hazards dirty drains cause. When your drain is emptying slowly, we know what to look for and how to prevent a future clog. Our extensive education gives us the confidence to unclog your drains, put preventative measures in place, install new drains, or make the necessary repairs to get your drain working at its full potential.

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Published: Sep 10, 2021

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