Cleaning Smelly Drains: Benefits of Expert Drain Cleaning

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Drain odors can make it hard to use your kitchen or bathroom. You shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about inviting friends or family over for social gatherings. Don’t waste money eating out day after day because cooking becomes an ordeal. Pride Services  drain cleaning professionals in Nassau County are ready to help you with the task of cleaning a smelly drain.

DIY plumbing projects might seem like a sound money-saving strategy. After all, you can find plumbing supplies in big box stores and local hardware stores. YouTube tutorials and blogs offer home remedies and step-by-step instructions for free. Why not try to fix your plumbing problems yourself?

The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

If you have had problems with contractors before, you might think calling a plumber means waiting around, getting surprise bills, and worrying if your drain will ever get fixed. With Pride Services on your side, don’t worry. Our trained, experienced, punctual, and friendly technicians will do the job right.

Why is it worthwhile to call a professional for cleaning a smelly drain? The small amount of money you pay our company is an investment that pays off in many ways.

Avoid Causing Damage to Your Plumbing

Although plumbing can seem simple, many potential problems are hard to spot. Using the wrong materials, making minor mistakes during installation, or misdiagnosing the cause of problems can lead to problems. Having a professional plumbing technician address your smelly drain can prevent you from accidentally damaging your plumbing system.

One cause of pipe damage is the use of caustic cleansers to clean pipes. While concentrated bleach or other cleansers and disinfectants can kill odor-causing bacteria and mold, it can also damage pipes. Worse, the interaction between chemicals in household cleaners with whatever is clogging your drain could produce toxic and corrosive fumes.

Prevent Clogs

If you have odors in your sink drain, it could indicate that food waste has stuck in your pipes. Bacteria and mold living in the moist environments of your plumbing produce foul-smelling waste products that give rise to unpleasant drain odors.

A professional plumber can keep your kitchen drain free of clogs, ensuring good water flow and denying bacteria the environment they need to grow in your pipes. Working on your own, you might dislodge a clog and clear out a backed-up sink, but an experienced professional can address the root cause of the clog so that it goes away for good.

Reduce the Risk of Leaks

Obstructions in your plumbing over time can cause damage that leads to leaks. Clogs that breed odors can allow sediment and other impurities to collect within your pipes. Sediment buildup makes corrosion more likely. As temperatures drop below freezing, trapped water within the pipes could expand, breaking the pipes from within.

A professional plumber can identify imperfections and signs of damage on your pipes that you might miss. Some leaks might occur behind walls or beneath floorboards where you might not notice them until your home has suffered widespread damage. Avoid calling the plumber back again when your minor drip becomes a torrent. Fix your pipes before leaks happen.

Protect Your Family from Disease

It’s a bad idea to let water stagnate in your pipes for several reasons. In the summer, standing water can provide breeding grounds for mosquitos and other insects that carry blood-borne diseases. Filthy water facilitates the growth of mold that can release spores that could travel through the air and grow in damp places around your house.

Impurities in the air from mold and bacteria can aggravate medical conditions like asthma and allergies. If insects, mold, and bacteria spread, you might have to call a professional mold remediation company at costs much higher than a plumber would charge. If you delay, you invite infestations that could reduce the value of your home.

How Professionals Can Clean and Clear Your Drain Safely

If you call Pride Services to handle a clogged or smelly drain, you can count on us to be ready with the latest tools and techniques. We use professional-grade equipment and replacement materials. Rest assured that we will do whatever we have to get water flowing again. Once we’ve finished, we will clean up any debris so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Professional Snaking

Snaking is a cost-effective way to remove stubborn stains. You could buy a snake and try to remove the clog yourself. However, if you use the snake improperly, you could cause damage to the pipes and the snake, or make a mess in your kitchen or bathroom. Avoid the risks, the hassle, and the expense by trusting Pride Services. We’ll do the job quickly, efficiently, and at a price you can afford.

Video Inspection

If we can’t easily identify the root source of the odor, we can look inside the popes that stretch from your bathroom or kitchen to the outside. In the past, plumbers would have to dig into drywall, plaster, and concrete to expose the pipes. Now, we can use cameras on a flexible support to see the obstruction from the inside and get it out with minimal cutting.


Sometimes pipes in older houses are worn out, or a contractor tried to save money ten or twenty years ago by putting in substandard piping. Instead of having a plumber come out every time your faulty pipes get clogged, filthy, or moldy, why not fix the problem at its source? Make your sinks and showers work like new with a professional re-piping.

Maintenance Services

Sometimes, the best way to handle odor in the sink is to change how you use your sink. Regularly cleaning your pipes without harsh chemicals and winterizing your home keep the pipes working well. Keeping hair, grease, and kitchen waste that clogs away from the drain helps prevent clogs from forming.

Water Filtration

Do you have frequent problems with your pipes and an unpleasant taste in your tap water? You might be able to fix both problems with a water filtration system from Pride Services. Soft, pure water going down your drain can help soap work more effectively and eliminate some sources of clogs.

Long Island has hard water, meaning that minerals have dissolved within it. Usually, this happens naturally as water passes through rock formations in the ground. Hard water can be beneficial, but it can also cause mineral deposits to form on pipes and make it hard to clean dishes.

The effects of hard water on your pipes can increase the chance of clogs forming. Pride Services can rid your pipes of hard-water deposits and install a professional-quality water filter or water softener. We’ll show you how to use it and maintain it so that you can enjoy purer, healthier water and cleaner pipes. 

Keep Your Sink Clean and Odor-Free with Pride Services

A smelly drain is an annoyance and a health risk no matter where it is in your house, but particularly in your bathroom or kitchen. Our team at Pride Services wants you to be able to make the best use of every square foot of your home for entertaining, work, or family gatherings without anxiety or unpleasantness.

You don’t have to worry about stinky drains anymore. If you’re in the Rockville Center area, Pride Services is the leading expert on everything from repairing extensive pipe damage to cleaning a smelly drain. Call us today at 516-528-3432 to  learn more about drain cleaning and maintenance and schedule an appointment.

Published: May 09, 2022

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