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Why Does My Toilet Keep Running? Causes & Easy Fixes to Try

A constantly running toilet is much more than an inconvenience. It indicates an important plumbing issue that can skyrocket your monthly water bills if you don’t fix it swiftly. However, identifying the problem and resolving it is often tricky, causing homeowners to ask, “Why does my toilet keep running?” That’s why Pride Services put together … [Read More]

What Is a Plumber’s Tape?

Plumber’s tape, or PTFE tape, is a handy tool used by plumbers around the country. Also known as thread seal tape, plumber’s tape ensures that pipe joints are strong and waterproof. With that in mind, the team at Pride Services is here to answer the question: “What is plumber’s tape?” Contact Pride Services to work … [Read More]

What Causes a Pipe to Burst in the Summer?

Dealing with a burst pipe and needing immediate assistance? Call Pride Services at 516-528-3432 to get reliable plumbing help. We all love summertime. From the bright warm sunshine to pool days and cool popsicles, this time of year brings us lots of enjoyment. However, what you may not realize is that certain summer conditions can cause your … [Read More]

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

One of the most frustrating plumbing issues a homeowner can run into is low water pressure. And unfortunately, these problems occur quite often. Low water pressure can affect several household plumbing fixtures, each essential in most daily routines. Pressure problems can impact your dishwasher, sink, shower, washing machine, and even more common appliances. When the … [Read More]

What Is Wet Venting in Plumbing?

Are you struggling with a malfunctioning plumbing system? Then call our Pride Services team at 516-528-3432 to schedule a plumbing service! Your home’s plumbing system is extremely complex, consisting of various pipes, faucets, and other components that work together to bring your home a reliable water supply. While plumbing systems have changed drastically over the years, wet … [Read More]

Residential Water Pressure: What’s Considered Good or Normal

Need to check or adjust your water pressure? Give Pride Services a call today at 516-528-3432!  Water pressure is the amount of force (in pounds per square inch) of water moving through your water taps and pipes. Too much water pressure damages a home’s pipes and appliances like a water heater. However, too low of a … [Read More]

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