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5 Reasons to Consider Installing a New Boiler

When the biting cold of New York weather strikes, a reliable, efficient boiler becomes the heart of a warm, cozy home. At Pride Services, we understand the urgency of keeping your living space comfortable. That’s why our Rockville Centre heating team put together some information for you to consider when you need a new heating … [Read More]

Signs You Need Heater Repair in New York

As the chilly months settle in and temperatures dip, your home should be your warm sanctuary. But when your heater begins to show signs of trouble, ensuring its reliability becomes crucial. At Pride Services, your trusted plumbing and heating experts in Rockville Centre, NY, we’re here to offer top-notch heating repair services, maintenance plans, and … [Read More]

What You Should Know About Converting From Oil to Gas

Although outdated and expensive, it’s not unheard of for some homes to still use oil furnaces. However, when you need to stay warm in New York’s harsh winters, converting oil to gas brings many benefits. Using a gas water heater can cut your heating cost and be a convenient way to heat your home. At … [Read More]

How Do You Know if Your Boiler is Broken?

A broken boiler can create severe problems in not much time. It’s crucial to determine if your boiler is broken so you can get the proper repairs promptly. So how do you know if your boiler is broken? At Pride Services, we understand the inconveniences of a broken boiler in Rockville Centre, NY and the … [Read More]

Boiler Repair or Replace: When and Why?

Because they operate in the background, boilers are often a forgotten but critical component of the comfort of any indoor space. These machines work hard to provide hot air and water to keep the cold away during the winter months.  At Pride Plumbing Services, we understand how frustrating it can be for property owners when … [Read More]

8 Most Common Causes Why Your Boiler is Leaking Out Water

If you find your boiler leaking water, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is shut down your main water supply and switch off your heat to prevent more damage. Our experts at Pride Plumbing Services can help you pinpoint the main culprit of your water leak and share the best steps you can … [Read More]

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