Why Your Sump Pump Won’t Stop Running & What to Do About It

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Sump pumps help your basements and crawl spaces stay water-free. They’re among the most important tools in a homeowner’s arsenal. However, they should only run at certain times, such as during storms and when there’s water nearby.

If your sump pump won’t stop running, you need to know why and how to stop it from running. On the other hand you let it run constantly, its motor can burn out, leading to your unit breaking. Rockville Centre’s emergency plumber team at Pride Services wrote this article to help you understand the causes of constantly running sump pumps and what you can do to solve these problems.

Preventing your sump pump from breaking matters. Here’s what you need to consider.

Broken Float Switch

To understand why your sump pump won’t stop running, you need to know what a float switch is. The float is a small ball-like shape that rests on top of any water buildup inside the sump pit. As the water level rises, the ball does too. A small arm connects the ball to the pump, triggering a reaction once the ball reaches a certain point.

This float switch tells your sump pump to push water into the discharge pipe. Sometimes, it gets stuck, tricking your pump into thinking that there’s water that needs to be drained. Other times, it becomes wrapped up in the pump’s electrical cord, causing electrical issues.

Check your float switch and its arm to ensure it works properly. If it’s stuck and won’t move, return it to its original position. You may need to contact your local sump pump experts for advice and assistance.

Obstructed Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe takes water from the sump pump and pushes it outside and away from your home. If your discharge pipe is full of debris, such as trash and leaves, it won’t work properly. This problem can keep your sump pump running as it tries to push water through the pipe regardless.

You can unclog a discharge pipe using either a drain snake or a wire hanger. Avoid using any commercial drain cleaning products, as they can damage your discharge pipe, leading to further issues. A cracked or broken discharge pipe requires professional inspection and replacement.

Bad Check Valve

If you’ve checked your float switch and discharge pipe, yet your sump pump won’t stop running, consider inspecting your pump’s check valve. The check valve keeps water from flowing backward from the discharge pipe into the sump pit. 

A faulty check valve can keep your sump pump from working as it should. If water keeps flowing from the discharge pipe back into the sump pit, your unit will keep working as if it’s still being flooded with water. Check your valve to see if it’s worn out or broken. If you don’t own a check valve, consider purchasing and installing one.

Inlet Screen Issues

Some sump pumps use what’s known as an inlet screen to filter incoming water. This screen prevents substances from entering the unit’s motor and causing technical issues. Sometimes, the inlet screen becomes clogged with muck and filth, preventing water from draining into the sump pump.

Here’s an easy way to fix your clogged inlet screen:

  1. Turn off your sump pump by removing its electrical supply.
  2. Take the sump pump out of the sump pit.
  3. Locate the inlet screen and carefully remove any debris that you see.
  4. Place the sump pump back into the pit, and reconnect the power supply.

While inlet screen repairs are an easy home improvement project, you might need to contact your local sump pump experts if your unit still won’t stop running.

Bad Impeller

If your sump pump won’t stop running, even after checking most of its parts, take a look at the impeller. The impeller is a motorized fan that your unit uses to push water out of the pit and into the discharge pipe. If your impeller fan doesn’t work right, water will fail to exit the pit, keeping your unit’s engine running.

Contact a local HVAC professional for assistance, as they can inspect and solve any impeller issues you’re having. They’ll bring with them the experience and plumbing permits needed to identify your sump pump issues.

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Published: Apr 30, 2023

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