Rusty Water From Faucet: Six Steps to Remove Rust From Water

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When you turn on the faucet and the water has a reddish, brown, or yellow hue, you might immediately suspect a contaminated water source. It’s more likely that a plumbing issue is causing the rusty water from a faucet. The discoloration most often comes from minerals or sediment, which aren’t dangerous even when they make the water look, smell, or taste unpleasant. 

Here, we highlight some of the most common causes of rusty water from faucets and how we can fix them — and keep them from coming back. As a trusted professional plumber in Long Beach, we can quickly determine whether the issue is in the water supply or the pipes and provide solutions to restore clean water. 

1. Replace Plumbing Pipes

One of the most common sources of rusty water from faucets is rust in the pipes. In many cases, rusty pipes will only cause discoloration in cold water. If hot water still runs clear, it almost always means rust or corrosion in the pipes close to the faucet.

Sometimes, a small piece of rust can break off in the pipes. This situation creates temporary discoloration that clears after running the water for ten to 20 minutes. 

If the water doesn’t clear quickly, you need to have a professional plumber inspect your plumbing. Corroded and rusty pipes will not only cause brown water but can also break and cause leaks. The pipes may need replacement before they cause more damage.

2. Remove Sediment from the Hot Water Heater

Over time, sediment can accumulate in the bottom of your hot water tank, especially if it has not been adequately maintained. The water tank likely has sediment if you only have rusty water from the faucet when running hot water. A professional plumber can drain and flush the tank to remove the sediment, which should solve the rusty water issue. 

3. Install a Water Softener

Excess mineral content in your water can change the color, odor, and texture of your water supply. High iron levels will cause rusty water from faucets, leading to staining around fixtures, skin irritation, and more. A professional plumber can install an ion exchange water softener that adds sodium to the water to remove iron and rust.

4. Install an Oxidizing Water Filter 

To determine the cause of rusty water from faucets, a professional plumber will likely test the water for mineral content and pH levels. If the results show a moderate or higher concentration and a pH of 6.8 or higher, an oxidizing water filter can solve the rusty water issue. An oxidizing water filter uses manganese oxides to remove iron and prevent brown water.

5. Install a Solution Feeder 

In extreme cases of rusty water from faucets, plumbers may recommend installing a solution feeder to add polyphosphates to the water supply. Polyphosphates contain phosphorous, which prevents iron from turning into rust. Because solution feeders carry a high expense, most professional plumbers only recommend them when other methods to eliminate rust have not worked. 

6. Treat the Water Supply 

If you suddenly have rusty water from faucets, the issue may not lie in your plumbing. Problems with the water supply itself can cause rusty water. For example, a water main break or flushing nearby fire hydrants can temporarily cause brown water to flow from faucets. 

Other issues with the water supply can cause rusty water or water that looks rusty, including high levels of bacteria. In such cases, a professional plumber may recommend water treatments. One common solution is adding bleach to the water supply, waiting about 12 hours, then running the water until it’s clear. 

Call Pride Plumbing & Heating to Handle Rusty Water Problems 

Every home is different, but the above situations are the most common reasons for rusty water from a faucet. If your water supply doesn’t look or taste fresh, call a professional plumber to identify the source of your problem and recommend the most effective solution. 

When you need fast, friendly service to handle any plumbing issue, turn to Pride Plumbing Services in Long Beach, NY at (516) 916-6894. Our team will find the cause of the rust and a way to solve it within your budget.

Published: Jan 10, 2023

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