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Leaks from broken pipes or faulty plumbing connections can cause extensive damage to your property. Fortunately, plumbing professionals can use specialized techniques to discover leaks before they cause significant destruction. 

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Signs That You Need Leak Detection Services

Leak detection allows the professionals to locate a leak on your property. How do you know when you need this service? There are several common indications that you have a leak somewhere around your home or business.

Increasing Water Bills

Have you noticed your water bill going up though you don’t feel like you’re using more water than usual? In this situation, you may have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system, allowing water to escape and resulting in a higher bill. 

Evidence of Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew both thrive in damp environments. A leak often raises the humidity in your home, making it a more welcoming environment for these organisms. If you notice mold growing on your walls, ceilings, or in the corners of rooms, you may want to reach out to a professional plumber. 

Water Stains on Your Walls or Ceilings

Finally, a large enough leak may start coming through your walls or ceilings. Reach out to the professionals if you notice your ceilings sagging or droplets of water forming on your walls. All these factors can indicate a significant leak in your home. 

Types of Leak Detection

How does leak detection work? The precise steps used to look for leaks depend upon the leak detection system used by your plumber. Some systems use sound waves, while others use video cameras. Please review the most common leak detection options with our team. 

Leak Detection Techniques: Video Camera Inspection

Some plumbers use video equipment to look for leaks in your sewer pipes or drains. They generally utilize an infrared camera to look for:

  • Breaks
  • Worn out pipes
  • Obstructions

Video cameras often allow plumbers to detect even minor problems with your plumbing system. Once they complete the assessment, they can begin repairs. 

Leak Detection Techniques: Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressures assessments look for underground leaks in your sewer system. Plumbers complete this test by:

  • Inflating a test ball in your main sewer line 
  • Filling the plumbing system with water to the slab level 
  • Observing the water for around 20 minutes 

Your system may have a leak if the water cannot reach the slab level or if it sinks down over the course of 20 minutes. In this situation, plumbers can begin looking for the leak and going over your options to handle repairs. 

Sometimes, plumbers also use a video camera when performing a hydrostatic test. Adding the camera allows plumbing professionals to detect the specific location of the leak. Plumbers may use the term “static leak isolation” to describe this technique. 

Leak Detection Techniques: Listening Devices

Your plumber may also use an electronic leak detector that picks up on high-frequency sounds to locate problems within your pipes. Leaks through your property produce sounds that are usually too quiet to be heard.

However, using a specially designed detection system, plumbers can detect leak acoustics, often through the use of a home security system. Acoustic leak detectors often provide information about where a leak occurs and what kind of leak you have.

Different kinds of leaks make different sounds. Some leaks generate noises on a higher frequency, especially if they’re under a lot of pressure. On the other hand, leaks with less water pressure behind them may make a lower sound. 

Acoustic leak detectors use a transducer to pipe up different sounds. 

Leak Detection Techniques: Digital Leak Detectors

Finally, your plumber may use a digital leak detector to check for issues with your pipes. Digital detection techniques allow technicians to find leaks even in a complex situation. The system uses a specialized amplifier to boost the noises caused by leaks.

Digital leak detectors also have a noise filter that removes outside noises, including:

  • Vehicles driving
  • Talking
  • Footsteps 

These noises can make it harder for plumbers to find a leak if they are not removed. Digital detectors also provide a straightforward and easy-to-understand readout regarding water volume. Many modern plumbers have adopted this form of leak detection. 

Digital leak detection tools also allow plumbers to find leaks without digging up any part of your yard. 

Reasons to Consider Leak Detection in Massapequa

How does leak detection work? Depending upon the system your plumbers use, it locates leaks visually or by assessing the noises associated with leaking water. Leak detection techniques give plumbers a way to quickly find an issue in your pipes.

Immediately locating a leak allows plumbers to start repairs right away. Depending upon the severity of your leak, plumbers may be able to handle the issue without digging up your pipes. 

However, they may need to get down to the damaged piping to handle replacements in more severe cases. 

Allowing a leak to go untreated can have severe results for your property. Excess water leads to mold outbreaks or the growth of mildew. Unwanted water also:

  • Rots wood
  • Damages drywall
  • Warps floors
  • Damages furniture and other furnishings 

Over time, water leaks also raise your monthly expenses by running up your water bill. You can address all of these issues right away by contacting a plumber for leak repair services.

Set Up a Leak Detection System in Your Home

Plumbers use leak detection tools if you suspect you have a leak. You also can set up a permanent leak detection system in your house. 

Some plumbers offer to install electronic listening leak detectors. These detectors work with your home security system and can provide you with information about the state of your pipes. 

Many property owners experience more severe concerns about leaks if they have an older home. Older homes often have clay pipes, especially for outdoor plumbing. These pipes can develop cracks over time, especially if tree roots attempt to grow into them. 

What to Do After You Discover a Leak

Did a plumber detect a leak on your property? If so, the professionals can provide you with immediate advice about the best ways to avoid additional water damage. Generally, plumbers will close off the water main. 

Turning off the water main stops all water from reaching your property, preventing it from leaking out of your pipes. After plumbers turn off the water, they can handle repairing or replacing your pipes. 

In many cases, pipes crack due to consistent wear and tear. Pipes often last for decades, but they experience constant corrosion due to the liquids transported through the plumbing system. 

Regular plumbing maintenance can help you avoid a leak in your plumbing system. You may prevent other problems, like clogs, by being careful about what you wash down your sinks or flush down the toilet. Avoid pouring grease down the kitchen sink, for example. 

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How does leak detection work? The short answer is it depends on the kind of leak detection technique used by your plumber. However, leak detection always operates to detect a problem in your plumbing system and fix it. 

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Published: Dec 31, 2021

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