How to Lower Your Water Bills: Tips to Reduce Water Usage

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Millions of people in and around New York City dream of being able to afford a home upstate or out on the island, away from the congestion and crowds. At Pride Services, we are rightfully proud to be a Long Island business. We’ve worked hard to get here, and we bet you have, too. We’re sharing our tips on how to lower your water bill. 

We want you to know how to lower your water bill so that you have more money to spend on yourself, your family, and your home. The plumbers in Massapequa from Pride Services have met with many families over the years who have struggled to pay high water bills only to discover that they could have saved money by fixing their plumbing and taking some easy, painless ways to reduce their water usage.

Take Shorter Showers

The average American shower uses little over two gallons per minute. This means that a ten-minute shower will use more than 20 gallons of water while a three-minute shower will use about 6. People often let their minds wander in the shower, but being mindful of how long you are in the shower can make the process more efficient. Setting a timer outside the shower or singing a three-minute song can help you keep your showers short.

The money you save from shorter showers might not seem like much, but the pennies you save on everyday tasks add up. You will also be able to get to work or start family activities a few minutes earlier.

Upgrade Your Washing Machine

Understanding the capability of modern appliances is part of knowing how to lower your water bill.

Much of the water usage in your home is from appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. If you are considering upgrading your home appliances, keep in mind that the investment can save you money on your water bills.

A high-efficiency washing machine can cut water usage from laundry by one-third to one-half. You might also get other benefits from your new washer, such as the ability to control your washing machine with your smartphone, a wider range of settings, and less noise. 

If your washing machine has settings that allow users to set the water level, be sure to choose an appropriately low water level when you do a small load of laundry.   

Install a Low Flush Toilet 

Most of the time, you don’t need a lot of water to flush your toilet. However, older toilets used around six gallons of water per flush, about as much as a three-minute shower. In the interest of water conservation, toilet manufacturers have developed toilets that use as little as 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It might not seem like much, but it’s a hidden way to shave a bit more off your energy bill.

If you need a bit more power from your toilet sometimes, consider a dual-flush toilet. Dual-flush toilets have two buttons: one for a water-saving small flush and a second button for a larger flush when you need it. Newer toilets also have features, like seat warmers, to make trips to the bathroom more comfortable.

Get a High-Efficiency Dishwasher

If you wash your dishes and worry you can’t afford to upgrade your kitchen, consider the money you can save by installing a new efficient dishwasher. It’s hard to say exactly how much money you use when washing dishes, but most people use about 10 or 20 gallons. Modern dishwashers can clean a load of dishes with only three or four gallons. 

You will also save time, which you can spend on future home projects or enjoying after-dinner activities with friends and family. Buying a new, more energy-efficient dishwasher could keep your energy bill down as well as your water bill.

Check for Signs of Leaks

If your water usage has increased recently and you are not using more water than usual, or if your water bill has always been higher than average for your neighborhood, your pipes might be leaking. Check your home for signs of water damage, such as:

  • stains on floors, walls, or ceilings
  • mold growth
  • dripping noises
  • musty odors

If you find evidence of a leak, we’re here to help. Some leaks are relatively hard to track down since the source of water can sometimes be some distance from the problem area. At Pride Services, we have the tools to pinpoint the source of leaks and access your types with minimal damage to walls and floors.

Don’t Let the Water Run

It should go without saying that your water bills will go up if you let your water run when you don’t need it. However, many people let the water run without realizing it during daily activities. One common example is allowing the water run while brushing your teeth. It is a good idea to rinse off your toothbrush before and after you use it, but avoid running the water for the few minutes it takes to brush your teeth.

If you wash dishes by hand, be sure to let the water run only when necessary. Instead of running the water while you wash pots and pans, pour some hot water and a little soap in them, let them soak, and scrub away stubborn food residue before rinsing them. 

The one exception to this rule is to leave a faucet running at a trickle when the temperatures drop below freezing to prevent water from stagnating and freezing within the pipes.

Use Sprinklers Efficiently

Lawn sprinklers use a substantial amount of water, and much of it evaporates into the air before it has a chance to get to your lawn. Talk to a landscaping professional about specific ways to change the timing and frequency of your sprinkler usage to avoid wasting water and keep your grass as healthy as possible.

Make sure that your sprinkler system does not have any leaks and that the valves are working well.

Plan Your Water Usage

It is a good idea to be aware of how much water you are using during the day so that you can identify which activities are contributing the most to your water usage and find opportunities to improve your efficiency. Check your water meter for signs of unexplained water usage. Knowing how to lower your water bill will help you develop your plan and stick to your budget.

Winterize Your Home

Expensive water leaks can occur if water is allowed to freeze in your plumbing system, sprinkler system, gutters, or any other place where water can accumulate. As water freezes, it expands, allowing it to obstruct water flow and cause damage to whatever is around it. Drain water from your sprinkler system every fall.

Call Pride Services to Optimize Your Water Usage

If you’re like many Long Island homeowners, mortgage payments, food, gas, healthcare, and other expenses take a chunk out of your paycheck. Why spend any more of what’s left on a high water bill? You don’t have to pay sky-high water bills any longer.

Proper maintenance of your plumbing system and efficient water usage can slash your bills. Call Pride Services at 516.619.1781 to schedule an appointment today. Let us thoroughly inspect your plumbing system, fix problems, and look for other ways for you to save money.

Published: Mar 12, 2022

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