How Often Should You Replace Sump Pumps? Sump Pump Lifespan

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A wet climate can spell disaster when you have a malfunctioning sump pump. These devices are invaluable in protecting your home from water damage, which can occur due to rainstorms, blizzards, or seepage from groundwater. With such an important job, you might wonder, “How often should you replace your sump pump?” 

Regardless of your situation, you’ll want the most reliable plumbing maintenance in Rockville Centre, NY, to keep your sump pump running smoothly so it can protect your home in case of a flood.

How Long Does a Sump Pump Last?

A typical sump pump lifespan is between seven and ten years, but most manufacturers’ warranties only cover them for one to three years. 

The longevity of a sump pump is susceptible to factors such as how long it’s been in use, how long its cycles last, and how much water it needs to move. All these can shave life off your sump pump, meaning regular maintenance is critical. This may involve regularly cleaning the pump or limiting your sump pump usage to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

When a sump pump reaches the end of its life, fixing it usually costs as much as installing a new unit. And if you’re heading into a wet season with a pump over ten years old, then replacing it might save you the cost and hardship of flood damage.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

A sump pump on its last legs will show some telltale signs. It’s essential to notice these symptoms and immediately get a sump pump replacement before things take a turn for the worse, such as during a torrential downpour.

Old Age

How often should you replace your sump pump? Age is often the key factor. Because sump pumps have limited lifespans, knowing the age of yours is critical. Due to general use and corrosion, old sump pumps often perform less efficiently over time. Even if your particular unit is faring well, the chance of sudden failure increases once your sump pump is seven to ten years old.

Constant Running

If you have a constantly running sump pump, particularly during the dry season, then it’s time to consider a replacement. Pumps should automatically cycle off after draining excess water. If it still runs, it might have a broken float arm mechanism, a missing valve, or a failed switch.

Cycling On and Off

When your sump pump constantly cycles on and off or struggles to empty the water basin, you might have a failing pump on your hands. This symptom might point to a broken check valve or sensor, loose wiring, or a power problem.

Loud Noises

Hearing a low, constant hum from your sump pump probably isn’t cause for concern. This usually means it’s pushing water through the pipes as it should. However, if you notice unusually loud sump pump noise and vibrations like rattling, banging, or grinding, then it likely points to damage from sucking up debris in the water.


Sump pumps suck up water that might contain debris like rocks, wrappers, and plastic. When these collect in your sump pump, clogging often ensues, leaving you with standing water and clunking noises while the motor struggles to perform.

Should You Get a Backup Sump Pump?

A backup sump pump can safeguard your property in case your primary pump fails unexpectedly. Batteries power most backup units, which activate when the primary sump pump isn’t operational or struggles to eliminate excess water. This means that even if your primary pump loses power during a nasty thunderstorm, the backup pump will kick on and keep you safe.

Remember that a backup sump pump is only for emergencies and isn’t a substitute for a traditional sump pump. Since they typically run on batteries, they’re only good for a few hours. They also aren’t as powerful as conventional sump pumps, meaning large volumes of water can overwhelm a backup pump when it’s all you have.

Get Pride-Worthy Sump Pump Service

There’s no straightforward answer to “How often should you replace your sump pump?” but you can look for signs, such as when a sump pump won’t stop running or erratically cycles on and off.

When the time comes for a sump pump replacement, you’ll want experts with a safe, clean, and compelling track record. Our team at Pride Services brings peace of mind to every customer through a reliable and trustworthy team. We also offer financing options to fit within your budget.

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Published: Jul 19, 2023

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