Does Repiping a House Add to Its Value? Things to Consider

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Completing a few residential renovations and upgrades is a fantastic way to increase your property value before selling your home. However, many Rockville Centre homeowners wonder whether it is necessary to repipe the residence. Does repiping a house add value when it comes time to sell?

In this post, Pride Services, Rockville Centre’s plumbing experts, discusses how and why repiping your home could increase its property value.

Will Repiping Increase Your Rockville Centre Home’s Value?

Rockville Centre homeowners always want to get the most for their homes, and many actively look for ways to increase their property’s value before listing it on the market. While some will remodel the kitchen or upgrade a bathroom to add value, these renovations can get pricey and take time to complete.

Although residential repiping isn’t cheap, it typically costs much less than a kitchen remodel and isn’t as time-consuming. That said, many people don’t want to spend on repiping services if they aren’t certain it will increase their home’s value. 

So, will repiping a house be a good investment? Many people are pleased to learn that, even in the cases where repiping doesn’t instantly increase a property’s potential market value, it does provide several other benefits.

Benefits of Repiping a Home Before Selling

Although repiping your home won’t automatically increase its value, it’s still a great investment and will make it easier to sell. Below are a few advantages of repiping your home before putting it on the market.

Increases Buyer Interest

Most home buyers only want a property in pristine condition. They don’t want to repair or replace features, so an upgraded piping system will certainly spark potential buyers’ interest or increase the chances of them purchasing your home. It will also help attract more committed buyers, giving you more opportunities to sell your home faster.

Enhances Fixture Efficiency

Homes with deteriorated or inadequate piping face less efficient plumbing fixtures that are more prone to problems. Replacing your home’s pipes will significantly increase these fixtures’ efficiency (If you maintain them correctly). If not, they will typically experience poor water pressure, clogs, and other plumbing issues that make it harder to sell a home to discerning buyers. 

Upgrades the Material

Does repiping a house add value to an older home? Many old houses have pipes consisting of lesser-quality materials that are susceptible to damage and leaks. Repiping your home would upgrade this outdated piping material, making it more enticing to buyers who want peace of mind that the home won’t have inadequate plumbing or expensive leak issues.

Gives a Haggling Advantage

Sometimes, potential homebuyers want to negotiate over prices so that sellers will lower the asking rate and give them the best deal. If your home has just received new piping, there’s no doubt that you’ll have the upper hand when buyers start to haggle. Discerning homebuyers will also recognize the amazing benefits of buying a property with a new-and-improved piping system and might be willing to settle on a higher offer.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Home’s Pipes

Figuring out when to repipe your home isn’t always easy. Fortunately, most poor or faulty piping systems display signs before they give out entirely. Below are some common signs you need to replace your home’s pipes:

  • The property still has lead pipes
  • The piping system makes unusual sounds, like clanking or banging
  • The pipes experience frequent leaks, or there is extensive damage
  • The pipes are 50 years old or more
  • There’s inadequate water pressure
  • The water smells or tastes peculiar
  • There’s evidence of discolored water

Why not call a team like Pride Services? We can offer top-notch residential repiping services to equip your Rockville Centre home with a superb new piping system at fair rates.

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