9 Plumbing Ideas to Conserve Water (and Save Money)

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Water waste is a major issue that costs Americans millions of dollars and trillions of gallons every year. Many plumbing systems can have inefficiencies that increase water waste.

Saving water is good for the planet and your wallet. Pride Services is here to discuss nine convenient plumbing ideas to conserve water. 

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Ideas for Conserving Water

Below are some of our best ideas to conserve water consumption in your home. 

1. Replace Toilets

Toilets are one of the major sources of water in the house and account for approximately 30% of all residential water usage. The typical toilet flush uses about five gallons of water per flush.

Modern high-efficiency and low-flow toilets can significantly reduce water consumption on each flush and allow different flushing options for different kinds of waste. One estimate found that Americans could collectively save over 350 billion gallons of water every year by using a low-flow toilet. 

2. Get Water-Efficient Showerheads

Showers and tubs consume about 20% of annual water for the typical household. Poorly fitted showerheads can also use water inefficiently. A low-flow showerhead not only reduces water consumption but can also help keep temperatures consistent. 

3. Smart Plumbing Fixtures

Smart plumbing fixtures utilize sensors and internet connectivity to provide unparalleled control over your home’s water system. Sensors from smart toilets can detect the optimal amount of water to use. Similarly, smart pipes can detect the water temperature and make precise changes. 

Even better, you can control smart plumbing fixtures from your smartphone. Smart faucets can also detect when you leave them on and automatically shut themselves off. These high-tech features will save you even more water and money each year. 

4. Use Low-Pressure Valves

A pressure-reducing valve reduces the typical pressure of your plumbing system. As a result, it lowers water consumption by as much as 10%. Low-pressure valves also exert less wear and tear on your pipes, making them last longer.

We recommend installing a low-pressure valve if your house water pressure exceeds 60 PSI. This high amount of pressure can damage your plumbing fixtures. 

5. Install a Recirculating Pump

The further warm water has to travel, the more water it takes to reach the final destination. One way to reduce the path hot water must take is to install a recirculation pump.

These pumps collect hot water and recycle it through your pipes for use. With a recirculation pump, you won’t have to waste water from the faucet while waiting for it to heat up. 

6. Turn Taps Off When Not in Use

Many people leave the tap on when brushing their teeth or doing the dishes. While convenient, this small habit can waste a high volume of water.

One of the simplest plumbing ideas to conserve water is to turn all taps off when not in use. You might be surprised by how much water leaky faucets waste. This tip alone could save you thousands of gallons of water per year. 

7. Identify and Fix Leaks Quickly

Small leaks in a pipe can cause significant water loss over a year, though you might not notice a thing. Water leakage can also cause extensive water damage and facilitate mold growth.

You should hire an experienced plumber to service your plumbing system at least once per year. During this maintenance appointment, the plumber will identify and fix any leaks before they can cause significant damage. 

8. Run Appliances at Full Load

Appliances with the EnergyStar seal of approval consume much less energy and water than other fixtures. To get the most out of these appliances, run them at full or almost-full loads.

Your washing machine can use water more efficiently if you only run it when it has a full load. Similarly, dishwashers use water more efficiently if all the racks are full. 

9. Get Regular Plumbing Service

Regular professional plumbing services can keep your plumbing system in good shape and maximize its water efficiency. Plumbing inspections can also identify problems that are increasing your water consumption to more than typical levels. 

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Published: Nov 20, 2022

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