6 Causes of Black Specks in Water

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When you turn on your water, you expect it to be clean, fresh, and free of unwanted debris. The last thing you expect when you turn on the tap in your home is black specks in water. So, where do the black particles come from, and how can you prevent them?

The trusted plumbers in Bellmore, NY, from Pride Services understand concerns about poor water quality. Here are some possible causes of black specks in water and what you can do about them. 

1. Rubber Deterioration

Plumbing systems use various materials to create sealed drains, pipes, joints, and fixtures, such as rubber. For instance, rubber gaskets create tight seals between two flanges to prevent leaks into or out of the lines. Water supply hoses also use rubber. 

The problem with rubber parts is that they can deteriorate over time. Rubber damage can occur due to the material’s breakdown from heat, light, oxygen, or chemical exposure. Stress and physical damage can also affect the integrity of your plumbing’s rubber components. 

Unfortunately, when rubber gaskets and hoses break down, they can leave black specks in water. This issue will not only lead to unhealthy-looking water; it also means your plumbing system is vulnerable to leaks. 

2. Mineral Deposits

Sometimes, black specks in water are harmless. Though seeing dark particles floating in your drinking water can be unsettling, they could be nothing more than trace amounts of minerals, such as manganese and iron, which usually aren’t dangerous or harmful to consume. 

The extra minerals could stem from the municipal water supply—a problem the local government will have to fix. However, you can contact a plumber to identify the source of your problem. You can also schedule an appointment to check the mineral levels in your home’s water supply if you have concerns about consuming high amounts of minerals.

3. Silt or Sand

If your home draws water from a private well, the debris in your tap water might be sand or silt. Sometimes, well pumps collect water and a bit of sediment. Drinking these particles is generally safe, but they can seriously damage your plumbing and appliances. 

You might benefit from a water filter if sand or silt is in your water. 

4. Dirty Water Filter

Homes that use GAC (granular activated carbon) water filters might find black particles in their tap water. These filtration systems use carbon to help remove chemicals and particles that affect the smell and taste of tap water. However, the filter will break down over time, resulting in small bits of carbon in the water. 

Replacing your GAC water filter is the best way to avoid this problem. Most filters on taps are easy to change without professional assistance. However, you should contact a professional plumber for help if you have a whole-home filtration system or are uncomfortable working with your water filtration equipment. 

5. Pipe Corrosion

Many Bellmore residents have metal pipes in their plumbing system, especially those who live in older homes. Some metals, like galvanized steel, are prone to rust and corrosion. Old, corroded metal plumbing can cause rust or tiny metallic fragments to break from the pipe’s interior and flow through the tap. 

Hot water taps are less likely to have a corrosion issue. If you see dark specks in your cold tap water, corrosion could be the problem. Professional pipe repair or replacement may be necessary due to the extent of the damage. 

6. Water Heater Corrosion

If you notice more debris in your water after running hot water, the flecks likely indicate water heater corrosion. Most water heaters can last up to 12 years. During its lifespan, the equipment will accumulate sediment and rust, which can travel through the pipes and flow from your hot water taps. 

It’s best to replace a corroded water heater with a newer model. However, water heater replacement can be dangerous, so it’s not a project you should do alone. Instead, contact a local plumber. 

Keep Your Drinking Water Clean with the Help of Pride Services

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Published: Feb 28, 2023

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