3 Plumbing Problems in Old Homes: Top Issues to Look For

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Older homes built in the mid-1900s and earlier are known for their structurally sound makeup, which incorporates top-notch materials and hand-crafted detailing. With lathe and plaster walls rather than drywall and rot-resistant old-growth pine instead of plywood, these houses stand the test of time. Unfortunately, while most of an old home is reliable, old plumbing is not.

New and old homes alike see their fair share of plumbing concerns that damage homes from the inside out. We at Pride Services, your plumbing company in Massapequa, have dealt with it all. Here are three common plumbing problems in old homes and why you should let us remedy them immediately.

Original Piping Material

Having fixtures original to the home may seem like a treat, but depending on their material, it may do more harm than good. If a construction team hasn’t updated your home’s piping system since 1990, you probably still have an outdated type of pipes that would now fail U.S building code inspections. 

Lead Pipes 

Lead pipes are one of the most common materials in older homes, but they’re also dangerous. Because lead is durable and reshapable, you can hammer, beat, or press it without having it crack, making it easy to work into shape. However, as water runs through these pipes, it carries lead into your sinks and showers, which has proven hazardous to children’s development and causes gastrointestinal pain, memory loss, and fatigue. 

While Congress tried to do away with lead pipes through the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act, many homes still undergo water contamination from old lead pipes. Call a plumber to examine and replace your piping and determine if a water filtration system will further benefit your loved ones. 

Galvanized Pipes 

Galvanized piping is durable enough to last well over 60 years. However, now that it’s been 60 years since the peak of its popularity in the 1960s, you may begin noticing zinc erosion and corroded pipe systems leaving your drinking water brown and sediment-filled and your water pressure low. Not only does rust clog the pipes, but the pipes become brittle, leading to leaks and higher water bills. 

Polybutylene Pipes 

Polybutylene piping also causes plumbing problems in old homes. While it was the most cost-effective plumbing solution when it premiered in the 1970s, oxidants in the water react negatively to the plastic, breaking it down. The piping flakes, chips, and cracks with constant water pressure, leaving harmful sediments in your drinking water. 

Like with lead piping, U.S building codes no longer accept polybutylene piping in homes. If an inspection shows you still have them installed, consider replacing them before they deteriorate completely, damaging your abode.

Faulty Sewer Lines

Proper sewer lines keep waste from flowing back into your clean water supply and spreading water and airborne diseases. A backup brings toxic waste-filled water back into your toilet bowl, out of your sink and shower faucets, and into the ground around your home. 

Also, new household additions like garbage disposals, washing machines, and dishwashers increase water pressure on the system, which can cause it to break down. Even if you don’t have many appliances sending filthy water through your sewer lines, a clog from tree roots or flushed miscellaneous items can also cause backups. 

Instead of constantly trying to flush the sewage back down, call us. We’ll determine whether you need a routine snaking to clear the passageways, relining, or a trenchless replacement. The issue may be fixable within one visit. 

Poor or Inexperienced Help In the Past

Plumbing problems don’t always stem from poor material. Sometimes, it just takes one bad plumbing job to leave you with liquid stains on your walls, higher water bills, and a cold shower in December. That’s because the wrong tools or inexperienced plumbers may leave pipes unsecured, water heaters not correctly set up, or appliances off-kilter. 

A DIY project often leads to these problems, especially if you’re untrained. However, there’s nothing worse than hiring a less-than-qualified plumber who’ll waste your time, pocket your money, and leave you in worse condition. When calling on a professional, make sure they’re licensed, insured, and come with rave reviews from years of experience.

We Take Pride In Our Work 

Plumbing problems in old homes leave you with renovation costs that’ll continue to increase with time. Whether you need your sewers cleaned or want to check for leak detection, count on Pride Services. 

We work on jobs of all sizes, providing plumbing and heating to residents all over Massapequa, NY, and surrounding areas. Call Pride Services at 516-591-3807 for a free consultation today!

Published: Aug 09, 2022

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