8 Most Common Causes Why Your Boiler is Leaking Out Water

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If you find your boiler leaking water, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is shut down your main water supply and switch off your heat to prevent more damage.

Our experts at Pride Plumbing Services can help you pinpoint the main culprit of your water leak and share the best steps you can take to remedy the situation.

1. Improper Boiler Pressure

Have you ever noticed the gauge on your boiler’s front panel? This component is important because it indicates the system’s water pressure. Problems can arise if there is too much or too little pressure, so make it a habit to check your valve every so often.

Call our plumbing experts immediately if the valve’s indicator is outside of the green zone and you notice a leak. We will have to “bleed the radiators” or release extra water to lower the system’s internal pressure.

2. Poorly Installed Pipe Fittings

If you locate the water leak around a pipe fitting, then the problem likely stems from a bad installation job. Dry the pipe with a cloth, turn it a quarter-turn using a wrench, and check if the leak stops.

If the pipes were poorly soldered together, then you need to call a professional to re-do the fittings and make sure they’re nice and tight. 

3. Lining Damage

Corroded pipes or tanks may gradually begin to deteriorate and let water escape over time. If the corrosion hasn’t spread beyond a single pipe or valve, you can solve the problem by calling a professional to replace the damaged component. If the damage has already spread throughout the system, then you will most likely need to replace your whole boiler system.

The problem with corrosion issues is that they can remain largely unseen until their unpleasant side effects begin to be evident. Luckily, you can avoid this expensive problem by investing in professional boiler maintenance services. A professional will inspect the components of your boiler and fix any issues before they worsen.

4. Faulty Expansion Tank

Expansion tanks are a crucial part of a boiler system because they help maintain normal pressure. A common problem with this component is improper air charge by inexperienced technicians or leaking gas, which can cause the pressure of the main tank to rise to dangerous levels.

You will need a trained professional to rebalance the expansion tank’s air and water levels to fix this problem.

5. Weakened Boiler Pump Seals

Did you know that boiler systems use motorized pumps to circulate hot water throughout your property? Unfortunately, the rubber seals inside these pumps can sustain damage over time and cause water to leak. The good news is that these seals are relatively inexpensive, and one of our qualified professionals can easily replace your broken unit.

6. Faulty Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are an integral part of many HVAC systems. In boilers, they transfer heat from gas to the water that will circulate throughout your property to the hot water tank and radiators.

Heat exchangers are incredibly expensive. If yours is heavily corroded or damaged, it might be more cost-effective to replace your whole boiler system unless it’s relatively new.

It’s also possible that it could simply be a poor connection, which is often more straightforward and less costly to fix. Don’t hesitate to call our HVAC repair technicians to diagnose your problem.

7. Excessive Wear and Tear

Like every heating and plumbing system in your home, boilers don’t last forever and can wear out with time. Units past their expected operational life span become more prone to cracks, rusting, and corrosion. So if you find your boiler leaking water and it’s over ten years old, then it’s probably time to consider getting a new one.

Modern heating systems are much more reliable and energy-efficient than their older counterparts. Consider reading through our website if you want to learn when to repair or replace a boiler.

8. Broken Temperature Control Valve

As their name suggests, temperature control valves (TCV) monitor the water temperature inside boilers and prevent it from getting too high. If the leak comes from your TCV, stop using your heating immediately and call on our technicians.

When the temperature is too high, it can damage your boiler system and even lead to scalding hot water coming out of your taps.

The Best Ways To Prevent Boiler Problems

Keeping your boiler well maintained can help prevent most potential issues that make it work harder and erode its energy efficiency, like leaks, sediment build-up, dirty burners, and premature corrosion.

By staying proactive and following these helpful tips, you can save money on repairs, extend the life of your unit, and maintain its efficiency:

  • Flush the system: Clean and drain your boiler’s water supply at least once a year. You don’t have to do this yourself if you’re already investing in professional maintenance.
  • Look for visible damage: Assess the condition of your boiler’s components and pipework every so often, and don’t hesitate to call for expert help.
  • Run your heating during the summer: Keeping your boiler turned off for a long time can cause its parts to seize up, so make sure to turn on your unit a few times over the summer.
  • Get annual servicing: Trained professionals know exactly what to do to ensure the health of your system—why risk costly, inconvenient problems?

Get Your Boiler Fixed By Trusted Experts

You should never take boiler problems lightly. A faulty heating system, be it gas or electric-fueled, can spell inconvenience and even danger for your property, but we’re here to help. Our experts at Pride Plumbing Services have the skills, experience, and equipment to service your heating system properly.

Many property owners in New York choose boiler repair by Pride Services because we’re experienced, reliable, professional. We don’t consider a job done until the client is 100% satisfied with our work.

If you find your boiler leaking water, please call us at 516-744-5230 to schedule your immediate service.

Published: Oct 09, 2021

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